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Optic nerve head drusen were noted on computed tomography scan and confirmed with B-scan ultrasound. Diagnostic evaluation of optic nerve head drusen is accomplished utilizing a variety of techniques: Echography – Standardized A- and B-scan echography is very reliable due to the characteristic highly reflective nature of drusen and also provides the highest resolution available today (Davis 2003). Optic disc drusen are small collections of hyaline material located within the head of the optic nerve (CN II) at variable depths 1-3. The earliest signs of drusen formation histologically are small globular or plaque-like deposits in Bruch membrane of hyaline material, present in the majority of individuals, and perhaps congenital in nature 3 .

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Visual field testing is  10 Oct 2017 After ophthalmologic examination and B-scan ultrasonography, she wasdiagnosed with ODD. We confirmed our diagnosis based on  DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS OF OPTIC DISC ELEVATION. PSEUD. O. PA. PILLO ONH drusen (buried). An obliquely FAF/B-scan: Unremarkable at the disc. Optometry Club. Optic Nerve Head Drusen (B-scan).

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Classically, the T-sign is present in cases of posterior scleritis. The T-sign is created by the fluid beneath Tenon’s capsule that creates a squaring off of the interface between the optic nerve and the sclera. Ultrasound B-scan revealed optic disc drusen (ODD). In view of good vision and absence of CNV, he was managed conservatively with spontaneous resolution after two months.

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3 Researchers have used B-scan ultrasound and/or magnetic resonance imaging of the orbit to confirm disc drusen, but these tests are costly and not widely available. Measurement of retinal nerve fiber layer and macular ganglion cell-inner plexiform layer with spectral-domain optical coherence tomography in patients with optic nerve head drusen. Graefes Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol. 2014;252:1653–1660. With B-scan ultrasound, drusen appear highly reflective, and papilledema shows a distended optic nerve sheath. In FA, late dye leakage beyond the disc margin indicates papilledema. In addition, drusen may autofluoresce, and you may observe an increased number of capillaries and venous congestion with papilledema.

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Low Gain. Optic Nerve.
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Ultrasound B scan of optic nerve head is a simple imaging tool to reveal embedded drusen. Optic disc drusen should be one of the differentials in young onset central retinal vein occlusions.

The patient has optic disc protrusion caused by optic disc drusen. B. The PHOMS (red overlay) surrounds a large portion of the optic disc causing blurred margins. C. Optic nerve head scan in a patient without blurred disc margins.
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Optic Nerve. Optic Nerve Drusen. Optic Nerve.

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Identification of Drusen Characteristics in Age-Related Macular optic nerve from autoimmune pathology and prevents retinal nerve fiber layer atrophy  Främre ischemisk fiberoptiska neurotoxiskt hos en patient optic disc Geod. Två olika presentationer av optik nerve huvudet drusen. Lämpliga okulär workup, inklusive visuella fält, B-scan ultrasonography, datortomografi och andra tester,  Främre ischemisk fiberoptiska neurotoxiskt hos en patient optic disc Geod. Fundoscopy visade bilaterala begraven drusen, som bekräftades med B-scan  swept-source optical coherence tomography with multiple B-scan averaging optical coherence tomography of the optic nerve head for glaucoma detection in in eyes with drusen and reticular pseudodrusen determined by binarisation of  diagnostic method for identification and preservation of cavernous nerves. (CN's) during laser coupled to fiber optic probe delivered a 1-mm-diameter laser spot on.